Sunday, October 26, 2008

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

We spent as much of our free time this week-end outside enjoying the beautiful weather. It's mostly for self-preservation since Nicholas turns into a nut after being cooped up too long.

Where there's water, there's Nicholas! He made friends with the neighbor boy and they spent half a hour rearranging the rocks in the stream, trying to divert its course.
La Penseuse! Actually Carrie couldn't resist taking in some rays while keeping an eye on Nicholas. Or was she really thinking about finishing her book, Pillars of the Earth!

Me in my dork hat - hahaha!!! At least Nicholas thinks it's cool.

Nicholas got a kick out of wearing his hat. Whatever dadda does, Pickle does. You should have seen him at church putting on his sunglasses and laughing really loud! P.S. in case you're wondering dadda doesn't do that in church.

Carrie striking a pose for the camera - she knows she's hot! In the background, a view of part of the Atlantic seaboard. We were part way up Lion's Head. Nicholas rides up in dadda's new backpack and then gets to play around for a while.

Look a da! (Nicholas' version of dog). He loves every dog and they love him too.

Nicholas always tries to find a little place to sit. This was a perfect spot along the path to sit and pick around in the plants.


Ashley and Daniel said...

Pickle man is just way too cute!

Audrey said...

agree. he's gettin cuter by the second - I'm pretty sure!