Sunday, December 7, 2008

Misc Pics

Peppy styling in his sunglasses!

Carrie celebrates the big 31 in a way that's fine with her...with 4 different desserts!

Enjoying running around Kirstenbosch botanical gardens. This was just after chasing some baby ducks and having the momma duck get a bit testy - Peppy didn't flinch.

Pizza at Kirstenbosch - no need to say more!

A new swimsuit the nanny picked out for him!


Debora said...

Looks like fun. We are missing you guys!

chempianos said...

Hey, Mike, long time no see! Great kids, and South Africa must be a real adventure. I guess since you're in SA, you know or at least know of Bill Parmley, the Area President. He's Vickie's uncle, and a terrific fellow. Drop me an e-mail some time -

Tyler and Rachael said...

absolutely adorable!!