Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Nicholas was a hit at our ward "Trunk or Treat". He and Scarecrow made the rounds while I handed out the candy. Thanks mom for the lion costume!
I don't think Dorothy ever heard "Thriller", but I couldn't resist dancing along to the music : )
Life is grand in Oz...well Cheerio wasn't too happy being sprayed with black dye, but I think we found life is good along the yellow brick road. Happy Halloween!!! Until next year!!
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Debora said...

Cute costumes and food ideas- glad everyone had fun. (looks like we all had fun trunk or treat- except WE and A2- they were sick and missed out)
Thanks for the new pics :)

Audrey said...

Man, you guys always have the coolest costumes. Even my theater-major husband can't compete!
Way to go

Jenny said...

You guys are always so cute. Next year I'm going to make Jonathan dress up.

Annie said...

Cute cute! Love the family theme costumes!