Monday, January 25, 2010

Thanks Mom!!

This month has been very trying on us as a family. We have all been sick since coming back from OK for Christmas. First, Mike had bronchitis, then Nicholas got sick, then I got pink eye and a cold, then something cycled back to Mike and he got sick again, and now I'm the sickest I've been in about 7 years. I don't think I got out of bed yesterday until about 5pm. Thanks to my sweet husband who despite his own sniffling and coughing made me milkshakes and brought me my medicine. And sorry to my mom and grandma who arrived Saturday night to a house full of germs and coughbags. Even though I know it can't be much fun for my mom, she's been a lifesaver taking care of Nicholas and fixing the meals. I'm going to the doctor today and then we better all be well soon. We're never sick and this has been a whole month of hacking, fevers, and runny noses. As Mike and I looked at each other one night we told one another how great it would be to feel normal again. I guess you have to get sick to appreciate your health. We told Nicholas and Cheerio that as soon as we're all well, we're going down to the big grassy field by our house and run around like crazy. For now, I guess we'll just lay around and moan : ) Thanks for being a trooper mom and for all you do!!


Julie said...

Sounds like us last year (although I'm getting tired of the colds around here now)-- I'm so sorry Carrie! Rest and drink lots! We missed you this weekend! Hope everyone gets better quickly!!!

Debora said...

So what did the doctor say when you went?

Carrie said...

Yes, I have something in my lungs so the doctor gave me antibiotics, cough medicine with codeine, and nasal stuff. All of which has only made a little dent. Man, this flu stuff is terrible. I told Mike that maybe it would be good if we didn't get pregnant this month as our baby would be a mutant with all the medicines we've been taking between the both of us : )