Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet dreams!!

Our poor little guy has had a rough week. He skipped three days of naps in a row and I think it finally caught up to him. With Mike working so many late hours this month, we've both been exhausted. So I laid down while Nicholas was supposed to be napping. I heard him messing around in his room so too tired to get up, I just yelled at him to get in bed and take a nap. I must've dozed off because an hour later I walk into his room to find him passed out on the floor with a smelly poo in his diaper. Poor dude. I felt bad so I changed him and put him in our bed. I usually never let him sleep past 4:30 but here it is 5:30 and he's still passed out. Oh well, sometimes when they need the sleep they need it. And doesn't he look so cute?
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