Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nicholas Turns 3!

Nicholas turned 3 on Friday, and we had a party for him on Saturday.  We were happy to celebrate with great friends and family!


NIcholas had been asking for Cranky the Crane for a few months, and Grandpa and Grandma Cummings came through.  He was so excited about it, he hid it in his room so no one else would run off with it : )


I decided to put my cake decorating class to use and made Nicholas a train cake.  It turned out pretty cool, and everyone said it tasted good.


Here are most of the party goers!


Our friends, the Woofters, gave Nicholas an electric car that he can drive around.  Do they give out driver’s licenses this young? : )  Thank you Ken, Mary, Conor, and Meghan!!!


One of his other favorite toys that he got was Buzz Lightyear from the movie Toy Story.  He takes Buzz everywhere and you can see he even dresses him.


I can’t believe our little boy is 3!!!  He’s growing up too quickly.  Happy Birthday Nicholas.  We love you!!


Annie said...

Good job on the cake! Is Nicholas into all the Thomas the train stuff now? Nathan is not as interested anymore - so sad. He's into the action figures and such. They grow up too fast.

Owen (and probably Jared too) would go nuts over that car...

Tyler and Rachael said...

super happy birthday to nicholas. amazing that he is 3 already. your cake looks incredible!

great grandma said...

Sorry I didn't get Nicholas' age right on his birthday card! (Seems I picked up the wrong year from my photo album of the g-grankids.) At least I got the date okay, so I'm not completely senile:)! Hope he had fun shopping with the gift card anyway! Love to all! "GG"