Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One Big Family

“One big family!” That’s what Nicholas said when he insisted we all sit on the couch together like this. Have you ever seen a boy so happy!?! While the last month or so has been one of the hardest times we’ve had since we’ve been married, it has also been full of precious moments.


Whoever said men can’t multi-task hasn’t met Nicholas. He worked pretty hard to get positioned just so to keep the plug in Ryan’s mouth and his thumb in his own.


This is just one pic to honor rabbit binkie. He’s been Nicholas’ most trusted friend for a long time. We always wondered what we’d do if Nicholas ever lost it. Well one day, he thought it was lost. I asked him when he was going to bed where it was, and he said it was “long gone”. He seemed ready and content to move ahead without it, so when it turned up we hid it away in the closet. Maybe one day it will make an appearance again.


Ryan ready for church. Church time is sleeping time for him – it is supposed to be a day of rest, right?

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We took back the Diego bike Nicholas got for Christmas since the pedal kept falling off. The one we traded for did the same thing. We finally found him a used Schwinn Tiger on Craigslist. Turns out it matches the helmet he already had – bright orange with blue accents - pretty cool!  Him and the neighbor boy Thomas are mobile now!


Carrie thought this was cute. I was using Grammy’s iPad with Nicholas looking over my shoulder and putting his arm around me. He says he likes me now. It does help when Dadda is around a little bit.



JTuffy said...

Hey guys I hope you are doing ok. Just remember it does get better! Life will get back to normal, or at least a new normal. We're thinking about you! Oh and Kirsten loved the valentines from Nicholas!


Micah and Alison said...

I love the pic of Nicholas sucking his thumb and holding the paccie in for Ryan...That is so priceless! Glad to hear you guys are making it...Hey I like your room divider bytheway, its just exactly like ours ;)

Ashley and Daniel said...

the one with nicholas sucking his thumb and helping Ryan with his paci is way cute, it made me laugh. Thanks for sharing these cute pics.

A2 said...

How do you like the iPad, mike? Have you seen the specs for the new one yet?

Lots of good times shared even amoungst the hard! Love the bike pics too!