Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mad for Madrid

We’re enjoying our time so far here in Madrid. It’s a bit colder than we expected, but we’ve had fun going to the zoo, the botanical gardens, taking the train to the old city of Toledo, checking out the street markets and, of course, taking advantage of plenty of good eats!  Here are a few pics from the first few days:

                2011 December Madrid 025

                                                          Having Thai food…hmmmmm!

2011 December Madrid 031
Out on the streets with the crowds.

2011 December Madrid 036

                                     Ryan enjoying a little stroll at the botanical gardens.

2011 December Madrid 039
Ryan and Dadda

2011 December Madrid 062

                                        Family pic overlooking the old city of Toledo.

2011 December Madrid 078
Checking out one of the flea markets.
2011 December Madrid 085
Mr Monkeyman in front of the Palacio Real.


2011 December Madrid 087

                                                        Momma and her boys.

2011 December Madrid 088
Ryan sportin’ his gear from the flea market.

                      2011 December Madrid 100

                                                 Brothers – no need to say more!


great grandma said...

Wonderful pictures! Know you are enjoying this time. And what great experiences you are having! The boys are getting so big! Missing you here, however:)!! Merry Christmas!! Much love and God Bless, "GG"

Annie said...

I love Ryan's hat! Thanks for updating us on your adventures.

Debora said...

Yep- thanks for "checking in"- I knew you were on vacation and just hoping that no news is good news :)
love you.

Alison said...

Ryan is a CUTIE!!! seriously look at those dimples, what a charmer! I am still sad that I have not met this little man...but I love all the pics!