Friday, November 15, 2013

Visit from Angola


Summer2013 009

We were thrilled when we found out that Vivian and her daughters, Samantha and Allison, were back from Angola for the summer.  We had them over for dinner one evening and what you see here is the before picture.  Two seconds after this picture was taken Cheerio and Sami got into it…and Cheerio ended up biting Sami on the cheek. There was blood everywhere and Sami was crying of course.  We felt terrible and guess what…it wasn’t Cheerio’s first offense.  When we were in Angola, Sami was at our house and Cheerio bit her in the lip.  That poor girl is going to be scarred for life and we told Vivian that Lance (her husband) had a free pass with a Nerf gun and Cheerio.  What a terrible end to the evening but Vivian was so nice about it.  It’s just so freaky that Cheerio has never bit anyone before (except for one of our cousins who was poking him with a fork) and Sami got two hits.  Guess they can never be in the same room together…there’s some kind of bad chemistry with them.  But we are thrilled they’re moving back from Angola this month.  Maybe we can make it up to them…and Cheerio better watch our for Lance : )

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