Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Well, Spring Break was busy around our house.  Sorry the pictures are small...we didn't want to drag around our big camera so I had to settle for my phone.  We kept the boys busy this week!!  We started off going to a big park overlooking the city.  The boys loved it and the views were amazing.  We went to Universal Studios too and rode the new Despicable Me ride.  Ryan lasted longer than I did and only got scared half way through.  He and I mostly hung out in the playgrounds while Nicholas and Mike rode all the scarier rides.  When Ryan was in preschool I took Nicholas out to a go-karting place and we sped around and played games in the arcade.  We took the boys to see Rio 2, and we really enjoyed the cute movie.  The boys got matching pajamas for the summer season and we enjoyed having Mike home for a couple of days during the week.  We did some non-fun things too like going to the doctor and taking Cheerio to the vet, but hey, life's not all fun and games right?  We're just glad nobody broke anything or anyone over the week and the house is still standing : )  We had a blast and can't wait for summer fun coming up!!!

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