Sunday, May 10, 2009

Momma's Boys!

These pictures don't do any justice in reflecting the sacrifices that these mothers have made and continue to make for their boys. Beneath the cover of those proud, smiling faces is a endless history of small continuous acts of service, most of which go unseen without any thanks or recognition. How many diapers were changed, how many sleepless nights were had, how many noses were wiped, how many tantrums were diffused! I didn't appreciate these sort of sacrifices that Mom made for little me until there was another little me. I'm so grateful to Mom and Carrie for giving so much of themselves to raise their boys. Happy Mother's Day!


Debora said...

Thanks Mike! I know that I am loved- and the greatest gift I have is all of the families that my children have!

Audrey said...

haha, mom looks 17 and mike looks like a chipmunk =)