Sunday, May 8, 2011

Touching the Temple

About a month ago, for a family home evening we drove up to Oakland to let the boys touch the temple. We went to a little park to play, had pizza, and then went walking around the temple grounds. The boys literally got to touch the temple and it touched us as we talked about how families can be sealed together forever within those walls. We explained to Nicholas that one day he’ll get to go inside. It was a wonderful family outing.

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Annie said...

That's such a great thing to take them to see the temple. I know our boys are learning it's a special place by going with us. We haven't had them touch the temple yet though - that's a neat idea.

Debora said...

Love the update- love the new blog look- love those two boys- love you. That's all I have to say about that :) (The idea about touching the temple is from a talk from one of the apostles- sorry I can't remember which one- or maybe it was Pres. Monson or Pres. Hinckley)

Micah and Alison said...

What a good family night! And Great idea...We will pry start going to the Draper temple more often since it is just over the mountain for us and i really loved how beautiful it is inside.