Sunday, August 25, 2013

Little Update

Just a quick update since I haven't been good at the blog lately (sorry no picture this time...I will post the first day of school pictures later this week : )
Nicholas is starting 1st grade on Wednesday....yippee!  He's excited and I can't believe my little boy is getting older.  He's now into Star Wars and can't wait to watch the movies with Dad.  Still taking great care of his parakeet.
Ryan is completely potty trained...yippee!  He's been pooping in the potty for the past week by himself.  He is in a big boy twin bed (he's so cute to check in on and see him passed out on his pillow with the covers pulled up).  He starts preschool in a week and absolutely needs it...he gets so bored around here that his curiosity leads him to make messes everywhere and drive mom and dad crazy.
Mike is traveling lots this work assignment so we're happy when he's home.  Or at least when he's home and not running off to another church meeting or assignment (he is the Stake Young Men's President and on the High Council).  We love him to pieces!!
I'm trying to keep up with the boys as well as trying to keep myself motivated to do a marathon in October.  Don't know if I'll make it, but I'm going to try.  Tennis is so much more fun than running my legs to pain (although I still love running, I think I might just stick to doing half marathons from now on : ) 
So next update will be first day of school pictures from the boys...I might even get teary-eyed.

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Annie said...

Good for big boy Ryan! Weston is doing pretty well too - he hasn't had many accidents and finally went #2 in the potty.

I am starting to re-think even the half marathons, with the stress on my knee. Good for you for doing so many "crazy" races! It's always good to be working towards something, a little motivation.