Sunday, July 7, 2013

Potty Training and Mad Scientist

We had a great Fourth of July!  We started potty training Ryan so we were at home all day.  I always try to potty train in the summer months because I let the kids run around naked for the first few days and then move on to wearing underwear.  Luckily, Ryan loves to run around naked : )  And what doesn’t make a boy want to pee more than filling him up with juice and root beer and then letting him play in the water : )

Nicholas6birthday 034

Nicholas6birthday 038

Nicholas6birthday 042

Nicholas has recently gotten interested into science so Mike got him a science kit while we were in Africa and broke it out the other day.  I can see a future scientist in the making, can’t you?


Debora said...

Hope Ryan won't be embarrassed by this post some day- hehe
Nicholas is sooo cute in those glasses and seems to be thinking sooo hard :)

Annie said...

Is Ryan a future car washer?? :)

Mike said...

Funny you say that. For FHE last night the boys decided to wash the car. Ryan ran the hose while Nicholas squeeged. They had a grand time!

Ashley Thompson said...

Haha I love this. Good way to potty train :) how's it going by now?