Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cape Town Here We Come!

Nicholas snuggled into his seat next to Carrie. These seats were pretty cool since they laid back completely flat, so when it when it was time to sleep we made Nicholas' seat into a cumfy little bed.
Nicholas survived the two 11 hour flights like a champ. Just a few fussy moments, but mostly he got a kick out of messing with the seats, windows, and surprises we stocked up to take out one at a time to entertain him. I think the best item was the jeweled stickers. They were shiny to catch his attention and fun to stick all over the place. Riding horsey on the armrest was pretty fun too!
This is our apartment in Camps Bay. It's a beach town along the Atlantic seaboard about 20 minutes from downtown. They had a little Volksvagen Golf ready for us and some driving lessons set up. It didn't take long to acclimate to driving on the other side of the road after our experience in Scotland. You might remember Carrie's rule for surviving the driving in London - just drive really fast to get out of the way of everything! Fortunately, we don't need to do that here.
This is the view from our apartment. We have a little splash pool on our porch a little smaller than the one's you can see below us. The ocean view and sunsets are great!
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Tyler and Rachael said...

wow--what a great view!! so happy to know that you are there, safe and sound and that you are getting settled in.