Friday, July 3, 2009

We love the Burley

Nicholas is all ready for the morning bike ride to the lake for swimming practice. He's all rigged up with snacks, books, and the ever-present binkie. Carrie pulled the Burley for the 7 mile trip there and I pulled it on the way back. Sometimes we put Cheerio in there with Nicholas and ride up to the park. People get a kick out of that.
We're almost ready to go. We got some rental wetsuits to try out to figure out what size we're going to need and get used to swimming in them. We need to be ready for the 1 mile ocean swim for the triathlon in September. We took turns swimming while the other one played with Nicholas.
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Audrey said...

i love nicholas' face and of course his helmet!

all this triathlon talk really should inspire me to exercise more. but we don't have an ocean 7 miles away and it's so HOT and nasty here. boo

WhiteEyebrows said...

wow... there's like twice Nicholas' weight in gear in there. Looks like a lot of fun!